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Part time

Before'n'After school

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7:30am - 5:00pm

Location: Calgary

Silver Springs NW


Age: 2 +

Homemade Healthy Meals and Snacks

Early Education and Developmental Activities


We had the privilege of having our son attend Dana’s day home for a few years.  We loved that she had such a variety of activities to do with the children that stimulated development, character, learning, and relationship building.  Meals were included and were nutritious and balanced; our son became a less-picky eater as a result!  Being outside was a priority too, which we loved. 

We have many fond memories of our son at Dana’s, with the art work, crafts, and photos we keep as mementos.  We would highly recommend Dana’s day home to other parents considering her services.


— Chantelle Robinson

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