There is nothing as healthy, as comforting and as tasty, as home-cooked meals. Growing up, our home had simple groceries, meals were cooked from scratch and genuine hospitality was important. I follow the traditions in my own home today. Everyone is treated as part of the family, so whatever my own family enjoys, that is served on your child's plate in my day home. 

Although my contract states that I do not cook for picky eaters, this has never been an issue in my home.

My meals are simple but contain great flavour. All children come with or develop great eating habits and I receive awesome compliments from my little gourmets! 

I strongly believe in teaching children healthy habits in eating. Our plate always contains fruits by season, vegetables, warm meals and healthy choices for a snack. I am constantly looking out for better, healthier food items for my shelves. Some of the groceries like milk, almond milk, chicken, beans, some vegetables/ fruits, and others are purchased Organic only.

Our plate is different each day. Pictures and list of foods provided below are for a general idea of what your children have on the plate in my home.  

I will thoroughly abide by any food restrictions your children may have. You are welcome to send your own food items for your child. Special treats have to be enough to share with all the children in my home.

Please know that from time to time we do have a special treat, like ice cream, cupcakes or chocolate in my home.  Summer days, birthdays, Easter parties, etc. – we love to celebrate and enjoy a treat, which is limited in time and quantity. If you absolutely do not wish for your child to have any treats in my home, please let me know.

Please send me your questions and suggestions by contact form

Yours Truly,


It is health that

is real wealth

and not pieces of gold and silver.

- Mahatma Gandhi


Porridge: steel-cut oats, millet, rice, buckwheat

Waffles, pancakes, crepes, toasts, naan, cereal 

Eggs: fried, hard-boiled, omelets, french toasts

Yogurt, milk, smoothie, berries, fruits, cheese


Soups: chicken noodle, lentil, borscht, hamburger, pickle, chicken rice, broccoli cheese, butternut squash

Spaghetti, rice, pasta, potatoes fried/baked/mashed

Meatballs, fish, chicken, meat cakes

Sandwiches: egg, tuna, meats, cheese

Pizza: naan, homemade dough

Vegetables: bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, sweet peas, carrots 


Fruits, berries, veggies, yogurt, cheese, rice cakes, crackers, muffin/cookie, naan pizza, taco chips/salsa, milk, smoothies, nuts, dried fruits